Battering Intervention Prevention Program (BIPP)

Majestic Counseling and Consulting, LLC. Battering Intervention and Prevention Program meets the Texas State Guidelines of BIPP Programs and has been approved by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Assistance Division (TDCJ-CJAD). BIPP is a court-approved, CJAD accredited, psycho-educational program designed to give clients the tools needed to achieve healthy relationships. People who successfully complete the Battering Intervention Class learn how to apply non-abusive behavior in all of their relationships and ultimately become better partners, parents, and people in the process.

The BIPP curriculum teaches people how to take emotional and behavioral accountability and facilitators will help participants explore their individual history of abuse. The program is based on peer-accountability and participants are surrounded by an intimate community of individuals who support and insist upon their positive behavioral changes.

Offenders are held accountable for past abusive behavior and taught the fundamentals of leading a nonviolent lifestyle. Although BIPP works directly with offenders, the underlying goal of these programs is to enhance the safety of battered women and their children.

Majestic Counseling and Consulting, LLC. Battering Intervention and Prevention Program offers evaluation, intake, orientation and 2-hour sessions with our fully licensed counselors/trained BIPP facilitator. Session length ranges for each individual: 18 weeks, 32 weeks or 56 weeks.

  • The fee for Evaluation, Intake and orientation is $75.
  • The fee for group session is $35 per weekly session.
  • Sessions are two hours in duration with only one class per week.
  • Group session fees are due at the start of each session. Majestic Counseling and Consulting, LLC. BIPP may refuse admittance without payment, which could result in client being counted absent. Fees will not be refunded when the service is delivered. Cash or electronic payments accepted.
  • Clients who successfully complete the BIPP program will receive a Certificate of Completion. Participation hours and program completion can be verified to the designated court or a relevant referral source, as needed.
  • Available classes during the daytime, night, and weekend
  • Separate groups for men and women

To enroll in BIPP class or for more information, complete the registration page below.

Note: A participant's participation in or completion of the program is not a guarantee of the absence of future violence. Participants must apply the skills learned from this program to their everyday life and chose to live a non-abusive lifestyle. Battering is a choice.

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