Consultation Services

Peer Consultation

Most therapists seek consultation from other professionals when faced with an ethical issue or challenging cases. One-on-one consultation is an excellent way for you to get non-judgmental, targeted, confidential support on the exact issues that you are facing in your practice. This can go a long way in preventing therapist burnout. I offer case conceptualization, marketing,  business tips or emotional and social support.

Fees: $100 per hour for services-In office or virtual

Education Consultation

Fees: $100 per hour for services-In office or virtual

I am a certified Teacher (4-8 Generalist), School Counselor (K-12), Principal (K-12), and Superintendent (K-12). Based on my extensive background in education, I also provide consultation services for parents. I can help guide you through matters with the school to include discipline, 504, and special education. My process includes teaching YOU, so you can advocate and find lasting solutions for your child’s special education challenges. 

Sometimes a Special Education Advocate is needed to help the special education process run more smoothly. I believe schools and parents can work productively for the benefit of the student when everybody has the same vision of the goals, understands the child and respects the law. 

 I am here to help you to take charge of your child’s education, so you are confident in your ability to participate in IEP or 504 meetings. I can help you create a road-map for:

  •  Understanding parent’s rights and your child’s rights
  • Assist with procedural navigation
  • Reviewing school records and assessments to develop recommendations for services-report cards, assessments, developmental history, current/past IEPs or Section 504 Plans
  • Assistance with drafting, modifying and refining IEP or 504 plans. Help parents prepare for IEP or Section 504 meetings by proposing measurable goals and objectives and determining appropriate accommodations and special education related services to meet your child’s needs
  • Communicating with the school to ensure proper documentation
  • Planning and writing IEP goals and special ed accommodations
  • Identifying outside resources to support your child
  • Monitor implementation of IEP or 504 plans
  • Attend IEP, Section 504, and other school meetings to discuss program goals with IEP or Section 504 Teams. Act as a parent liaison in meetings between parents and the school district
  • Maintain contact with parents to ensure goals are implemented as decided in the most recent IEP or Section 504 meeting
  • Help obtain requests for evaluations and file state complaints
  • Consult on procedures and resources regarding due process hearings and manifestation determination hearings 


Office Hours

Office Hours


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